Mental health support

We provide intake, assessment and referral services for mental health and suicide prevention programs across North Coast NSW.

Low Intensity

Low intensity mental health services are aimed at improving targeted access to psychological interventions for people with, or at risk of, mild mental illness.

Connect to Wellbeing services provide links and pathways to complement existing mental health and primary care services. They are integrated with other local and national services within a Stepped Care approach.

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Healthy Minds Psychological Services

Healthy Minds Psychological Services provide up to 10 free counselling sessions in a 12-month period to people experiencing mild to moderate mental health concerns.

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To be eligible, people must hold a health care or pension card, or be experiencing financial hardship (supported by a letter from GP).

Referrals to Healthy Minds Psychological Services can be made by GPs, primary health professionals, local area health providers and any Department of Education service.

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Healthy Minds Suicide Prevention Services

Healthy Minds Suicide Prevention Services provide up to 10 free counselling sessions in a 3-month period to people at moderate risk of suicide or self-harm. An additional second referral is also available during the same financial year when supported by a GP.

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This service is not intended to support people who are at acute and immediate risk. If you or someone you care for needs immediate emergency support, please call 000, Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the Mental Health Access Line on 1800 011 511.

Referrals to Healthy Minds Suicide Prevention Services can be made by GPs, psychiatrists, primary health professionals and local area health providers.

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Complex and Severe Mental Health Services

Longer term (up to 2 years) clinical support and treatment for individuals with severe mental illness with complex needs.

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Eligibility requires that:

  • The consumer has a severe episodic mental illness resulting in reduced functional capacity.
  • The consumer consents to support/treatment from a Mental Health Nurse.
  • The consumer has a current Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) that identifies at least two or more aspects of their life as significantly impacted by mental illness (e.g. relationships, employment, education, housing, community inclusion, physical health, etc).
  • The conusmer has experienced a hospitalisation for mental health issues in the past or is at risk of hospitalisation if not supported.
  • The consumer is best supported in primary health care and is engaged with a GP or psychiatrist who are principally responsible for their clinical mental health care.
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Telehealth Psychiatry Services

The provision of a consultation via video conferencing by a consultant psychiatrist under Medicare.

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Referrals made for this service MUST be made by a GP or Nurse Practitioner only and can be made in addition to other services.

The consumer must have access to a computer or tablet with a webcam and speakers or headphones. The consumer must also reside in RA2+ classified area or be able to access services from a GP practice within a RA2+ locality.

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